Growing critics of german professor in case of Demirtas


On 18th Sept. 2019 has been the hearing in the case of Selahattin Demirtas at the Great Chamber of European Court of Human Rights. In November 2018 the EGMR court delivered a judgement for the release of the HDP-politician and Member of Parliament. The state of turkey filed an objection against it. 

The hearing can be followed in english and french language:

Turkey was represented at the court despite others by Prof. Stefan Talmon from the university of Bonn, germany. Critics of this secondary employment of the professor of law is now growing intensly. The Board of Governors is going to discuss the case. Prof. Talmon is one of two directors of the Institute of International Law at the university. 

At first kurdish and human rights organisations expressed their concerns. The, “Society for Threatened Peoples” (GfbV) said, the mandate damages the reputation of the university and the respect for rule of law in germany. „One who in leading position at the law institute of university of Bonn teaches, cannot at the same time defend the arbitrary law of an authoritarian controlled state at the European Court of Human Rights,“ the middle east expert of the organisation said. 

The center for kurdish studies „Navend“ called the mandate an „outrageousness“ and asked to Prof. Talmon personally how he can morally and regarding to the european understanding of law take responsibility for this. The center also pointed out that Prof. Talmon before advised the iraqi central government in the case against the referendum for independency in kurdish iraq. Also Stefan Talmon represented turkey as a third party in the case of politician Dogu Perinçek against swiss at the european court.

The university of Bonn had authorized his secondary employment for an office in London. As the employee of the state official the university could have forbidden it, as it „influences the impartiality and unbiasedness of the official“ and „could harm the reputation of the public administration“. The newspaper „Bonner Generalanzeiger“ cited the president of the Board of governors Dieter Engels with negative reaction. The professor did not do a favor for the universities reputation and he wishes that „offical professors would think before, how the secondary mandate influences the demanded impartiality.“

Olaf G./ Odak-Germany


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